The Cat, The Bird, The Bug & Henry

Banksia the cat, Charlie the cockatoo, our VW Lawn Beetle and Henry the male model are all sort after celebrities at Riverside Gardens Garden Centre.  Banksia, an unusually coloured tortoise shell cat,  sure knows where to position herself for an extra dose of customer's affections. 

Charlie the cockatoo is over 40 years old and loves his share of the attention.  His dancing talents are one of his biggest show off acts and his shrill singing demands your attention if he thinks he's being ignored.  Being a well known identity at Riverside Gardens for more than 30 years, parents bring their children in to meet Charlie, having themselves been introduced to Charlie as children.

Henry, on the other hand, is a very quiet natured security guard, often taking people by surprise as he stands in silence in one of his many disguises.  Keep an eye out for Henry because he's sure to make you gasp when you catch his watchful eye.

Most photographed of all is our VW Lawn Beetle who adorns our front courtyard.  Covered completely in 'Ideal Grass', our Lawn Beetle (Bug) receives endless comments and features in many of our visitors holiday pictures.